Sam Thompson


We Have Been To A Marvellous Party

To begin with you are going on a holiday with your family. Your children are young, younger perhaps than you would have expected, the youngest small enough to ride in a pushchair. At a service station some older children loiter near your picnic table and one of them tries to impress his friends by harassing your loved ones. He offers sexual insults to your wife. In an ideal world you would grasp him by the neck, force him over to the kiosk and batter his face relentlessly into the plate glass. This being impracticable you pretend that what is happening is not happening. You are a clown of propriety, peremptory and stiff, chivvying your family away from the scene as if they are to blame.

A story from Whirlwind Romance, first published in The Honest Ulsterman. Read more.