Category: Writing

  • Q&A

    On cause and effect, vast carelessness, weird small talk… at Famous Writing Routines.

  • Conversation with Anna Tromop

    A conversation about writing and illustrating with the artist Anna Tromop, at the Federation of Children’s Book Groups…

  • Deeper Into The Woods

    On The Fox’s Tower at At the beginning of The Fox’s Tower, a girl called Willow looks out of her bedroom window and sees her dad talking to foxes in the back garden in the middle of the night. As she watches, a huge, wolf-like monster appears and carries him away…

  • About Whirlwind Romance

    A review (Dublin Review of Books) Another review (Runalongtheshelves) An interview (Runalongtheshelves) An annotation (Civilian Reader)

  • Whirlwind Romance

    Now available from Unsung Stories. ‘Sam Thompson’s stories are dark and tender and brilliantly strange. A bold and impressive collection.’ – Alison Moore, author of Man Booker-shortlisted The Lighthouse ‘A unique voice. Grave, evocative, deeply compelling. Stand out story ‘The Red Song’ is extraordinary, replete with touches of Kafka, Borges and Aickman. It’s superb.’ –…

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