Category: Wolfstongue

  • Conversation with Anna Tromop

    A conversation about writing and illustrating with the artist Anna Tromop, at the Federation of Children’s Book Groups…

  • Wolfstongue Berlin

    Wolfstongue talk at the Berlin International Literary Festival, September 2022

  • The Fox’s Tower

    Willow’s dad tells strange stories. He talks about a hidden Forest where animals can speak, and about his childhood adventures with a pack of wolves. Willow does not believe him. For her there is no magic left in the world, because older generations have let it all go to waste. But now Willow’s dad has…

  • Words for Silence

    Wolfstongue is Book of the Month for Bookmark: Disability and Books at BookTrust. With a short piece on finding our voice when words won’t come.

  • Wolf Stories

    Wolves had lived in Ireland for 25,000 years but they could not survive their persecution by the humans… An essay on wolves and Wolfstongue at the Honest Ulsterman.

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