The Fox’s Tower

Willow’s dad tells strange stories. He tells her about a hidden Forest where animals can speak, and about his childhood adventures with a pack of wolves. Willow does not believe him. For her there is no magic left in the world, because selfish older generations have let it all go to waste.

Then Dad disappears, stolen by foxes in the night. To find him, Willow must travel into the secret world of the Forest. She must speak with the wolves and find the magical Tower where the foxes are ruled by their silver-tongued leader, Reynard.

In the Tower, Willow will see wonders: statues walking the streets, spires reaching to the stars and a lion fighting for the crown. But disaster is near. Magic is running out and soon the Tower will fall. Reynard has a plan that will change everything, and he wants Willow’s help. But can she trust the story he is telling?

Can Willow save her dad and find a way out of the Fox’s Tower?

The Fox’s Tower, a sequel to Wolfstongue, will be published by Little Island in autumn 2022.