1. is this available to listen to? I only heard part of this when it was aired and want to listen to it all

  2. Hi Sam,

    I don’t suppose this is available anywhere else is it? The BBC Sounds link seems to be broken and I really wanted to re-listen to it. It’s such a beautiful and powerful story.


  3. Dear Sam,

    I wanted to contact you to express my sincere gratitude for writing “Where You Are” for Radio 4. I am David, a Special Needs teacher, but more importantly, a father of a seven-year-old with SEN – undiagnosed, but likely to be a mixture of executive functioning issues in the areas of ADHD and Autism. As a broadcasted on Twitter, your story brought register and expression to the pent-up emotions that are the experience of fatherhood – full of the fallible frailties and irrational irate moments. I have listened to the recording a few times now, and would desperately love to read it in textual form. Not only does it a therapeutic significance to me, but I also suspect it will help many other fathers who experience the same.

    Once again…


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